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SKS Convergence

Smart Buildings Converged onto a Single Managed Network

SKS Convergence was established to the fill a void in the market around the convergence of building systems onto a single managed non-proprietary base building communications network. Currently each building system is installed on its own communications network by each trade contractor. This approach requires individual maintenance contracts for each system and limits the ability to apply global analytics and real-time digital twins across all building systems. Current trends in smart buildings are moving towards data analytic platforms and digital twins to monitor and control all base building systems. To provide a data analytic platform and real-time digital twin, the building will require all building systems be converged onto a single base building communications network.

SKS Technologies has developed a range of products and services from the design, construction, integration, and transition to assist our clients with their digital infrastructure. This is an end to end approach to assist building companies and owners minimise the risk during construction of the building and through both the defects period and into operations.


To develop a smart building or digital enabled building, each of the building systems must be converged onto a single managed converged network.  The managed converged network will provide the backbone to transport all building services systems across a single platform. These systems include the following:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Controls (HVACC)
  • Power Management System (PMS)
  • Energy Metering System (EMS)
  • Lighting Control System (LCS)
  • Emergency Lighting Control System (ELCS)
  • Electronic Access Control System (EACS)
  • Security Alarm System (SAS)
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System
  • Car Parking Systems
  • Intercom System (IS)
  • Fire and Evacuation Monitoring System (FEMS)
  • Hydraulic Monitoring System (HMS)
  • Vertical Transport Monitoring System (VTMS)
  • Visitor Management System
  • Digital Signage System
  • Digital Directory Board
  • Waste Management Monitoring Systems
  • Electronic Key Cabinets
  • Smart Lockers
  • Parcel Lockers
  • Lift Screen Content Management System


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Smart Buildings

A Global Standard for Connectivity

WiredScore is the global digital connectivity certification system that helps landlords access, improve, benchmark and promote their buildings.

WiredScore access, certifies and improves digital connectivity and smart technology in homes and offices on a global scale.


Why is it important?

Future-proof assets

Utilise WiredScore reporting and the operations team to identify and review building improvements and mitigate technical obsolescence.

Drive rental value

Utilise your building’s digital connectivity to highlight asset quality and achieve on average 5% rental premiums.

EG London Investor Guide 2019

Attract and retain tenants

Use WiredScore certification to differentiate your building and effectively communicate its digital connectivity to existing and prospective tenants.

What do we measure in buildings with WiredScore?


Are potential outages mitigated through resilient infrastructure?
Is the critical telecommunications equipment secure?

Tenant experience

Does the building provide tenants with a seamless digital connectivity experience?


Is the tenant experience in the building enhanced by access to uninterrupted mobile coverage?

Choice of providers

Do multiple high-speed fibre providers service the building and provide competitive pricing?

Future readiness

Is there flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and advancing technologies?