At SKS Technologies our mission is to preserve and improve the physical, social, environmental, cultural and economic health and wellbeing of our neighbourhoods, while ensuring quality of life for current and future generations.

SKS Technologies recognises that we are in a state of climate emergency that requires urgent action. Reducing our environmental impact is a must and this can be achieved through our purchasing activity.

We will select energy and water efficient services and practices, choose reusable, refillable and recycled options where available, avoid the use of single use plastics, minimise the purchase of items manufactured from virgin materials, minimise the use of disposable items and select items which generate less waste.

View our Sustainability Policy here.

Sustainable Procurement

Using collective buying power, SKS Technologies can enter procurement contracts that will contribute to creating a fair, inclusive community that is both environmentally and socially sustainable.  As a socially responsible organisation and employer, this brings us into line with local, national and international practices.   

Our business is a purchaser of goods and services within the community and recognise that its procurement policies and practices have the potential to influence the local economy. SKS Technologies is committed to procurement that supports local business plus economic diversity and viability. This also supports socially inclusive activities as it works to stimulate the local economy and contribute to job creation and reduces the reliance on goods and services that impact the environment through travel and transport. 

When assessing the potential partnerships, our business will consider:

  • The use of local suppliers to encourage economic development
  • Generating local employment 
  • Consider the life cycle impacts of products purchased on the local economy. In support of local suppliers.

Each Year SKS Technologies joins hundreds of businesses across Australia to switch off for Earth Hour for the future of our planet. We proudly stand as part of a community that wants to #ShapeOurFuture and join the movement calling for greater action on climate change.