SKS awarded ‘Best Place to Work in AV’

Feb 3, 2021 | Latest News

PSNI Global  Alliance has awarded SKS Technologies ‘Best Place to Work in AV’ 2020 according to an employee engagement survey.  Of 2400 participants from 42 countries across the globe this is a fantastic achievement!

The PSNI internal Employee Engagement survey focused on three specific objectives to obtain its results:

  • Measure overall level of employee engagement within the network.
  • Identify work attributes that are most responsible for driving employee engagement.
  • Understand employee perceptions in areas such as leadership, work relationships (employee to supervisor and employee to co-worker), culture, growth, and opportunity.

“There are many factors that make a successful business, but none more important than its people”, stated PSNI Global Alliance executive director, Chris Miller. “The Audio Visual Company and SKS Technologies have thoroughly demonstrated their effectiveness in helping employees continue to feel connected to the organization to keep their engagement strong.”